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Ride With Pride Event s calendar for 2009

Thanks to Debbie Winters and her failthful staff  for a great 2008. Debbie has just sent me the provisional calendar of events for RWP for 2009.

AS we get more info we will keep you posted. But for now this is what she has planned!

March 21st– Ttouch clinic- 12:30 to 4:00pm?

June 20–  Special Olympics Area 5 Equestrian Competition
At RWP 9am to 1pm
July 25th– Open Horse Show– at RWP
August 15– Fun Horse Show-  at RWP
October 24th- Student Horse Show-  at RWP  9am to 1pm

2009 Therapeutic Riding Sessions:

____Session 1   February 23 to April 4

____Special Olympic Session:     April 6th to June 13th

____ Session 2                          April 13 to May 23
____Session 3                  June 8th to July 18
____Summer Session     July 27th to August 22nd
____Intro Riding            July 27th to August 8th
____Session 4                Sept. 7th to October 22
___  Image Enhancement Program:
3 hours per day, once or twice a week based on the client’s needs and
Supervision level. Starting dates are adjusted based on needs of the

For more info on the activities of RWP, to volunteer to help please contact Debbie Winters  <>

Posted: January 1, 2009
Filed under: Event Calendar — By Melyni Worth

Wishing every one a Prosperous New Year and a Followup on Matt Mclaughlin Clinic

Wishing everyone a Prosperous New Year and I hope you all had a great holiday.

Belatedly I have the the followup on our Matt McLaughlin Clinic.

We had a great clinic with Matt. Helpful as always, Matt steered us through our various holdups and hang ups.

Working on the canter, getting those hind legs up and under!
Matt and Melyni and Xavoy, all concentrating!

Matt and Melyni and Xavoy, all concentrating!

Melyni got to work on activating X’s hindlegs and getting him to work over his back, then to half passes and flying changes.  Finally once they had that hind leg activated and the canter uphill, then onto the beginnings of canter pirouette.

Working on the canter, getting those hind legs up and under!

April with 2 young horses to ride, got to work on suppling and bending and getting them to move off the leg. She and Impy and Payana did a lot of  work leg yielding on the wall and across the arena. There was some frustration but finally success. Both young mares benefitted enormously.   Impy finally beginning to work over her back and Payana beginning to understand the half halt and the need for rythmn!

April and Impy work on round and over the back!

April and Impy work on round and over the back!

Matt worked Xavoy and Payana in hand on the beginnings of piaffe. Melyni and April tried their hands at it as well, sadly Melyni needs a lot of work on her timing! April did much better getting the beginnings of some decent rythmn with X.

Many thanks to Matt, Heather, Maureane, Anne, Ronnie, Kathleen and all the barn staff for making this clinic such fun.

We had a great time, and learned a lot. There was a lot of homework handed out as well.   Matt will be back in the Spring, I hope we get some more spectators.  There is always a lot to be learned by watching others. Even if what you learn is what not to do!!

Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth