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The two youngsters finally make real progress!

Xafaire had a an amazing ride this morning. After all these months of struggling he finally got it together and actually half-halted! I almost fell off in amazement! and when he gets it together he is such an awesome ride.  Phew, lets hope he keeps this up.
Miss Arwen was awesome this morning as well, she is really making progress, she cantered on the left lead really well and even managed to go all the way down the long side without losing balance. Her right rein is still tougher, she managed a couple of 20m circles and a even a few steps in the straight line but then she lost her balance. However she let me sit and push her a bit which is good, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’re off the Horse Center to day to get the stalls set up for the sale. The two fillies won’t go down until tomorrow, but I want to see the lie of the land and get set today.  I feel a bit as if I sending them off to a new land! Which in a way I am.  I hope nice people buy them, who will care for them and will be patient and kind.

And at alst real rain, now maybe my grass will grow and we can stop feeding hay!


Posted: July 13, 2010
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth

A big step in a new life.

Donna Rubina our most expensive and champion brood mare has decided that mother hood is not for her! At least not yet.  Several rounds of breeding and no pregnancy, so since I am allergic to horses who stand around doing nothing, we brought her up and have started bringing her back into work.  She seems to be sound and after a week or so of lunging and long reining April hopped up. Her comment; “WOW what a lovely horse”,  she’s a huge mare, way too big for either April or myself, but she is so soft, sensitive and well balanced that she is easy to to ride. April has had a blast riding her in the indoor.

BUT as many of you know I am also allergic to horses who can’t go on trail rides, and it is so much healthier for them mentally and physically if they can go for at least trail walks. So Donna R. went on her first trail walk to day.  Xavoy was happy to be her gentleman companion and protect her for all the big scary monsters out there, and we walked up the drive to the house and around the big field and then home. Donna R. was very sensible and calm, she got worried a few times but having Xavoy there reassured her and she walked easily beside him.

We had a very pleasant uneventful trail walk, hopefully the first of many, it’s going to be a long road back to fitness for Donna R. since she has not been ridden for 2 years, but the trails are the best way to do it. and she seemed to enjoy it.

Maybe with time she will decide to reconsider the motherhood thing and I will probably look into the costs of Embryo Transfer for her for next year.

But she has made a big step in her new life!


Posted: July 9, 2010
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth

Baby it’s HOT out there

Tomorrow (Weds) we are supposed to be getting record temps, (up in the high 90’s  to 100) which with the high humidity will put us at a heat index of over 100. So be careful guys. Make sure all animals have plenty of water, shade if possible.

Increase the amount of electrolytes you feed as long as this weather lasts.

AS I ride each morning, (earlier and earlier) I am so grateful for our covered arena. with the windows open  along the west side, and the open East side we get a pretty good cross breeze.  Watering to keep the dust down and it is pleasant and quite reasonable in there.

Each morning I work 3 horses, so by the time I finish the temps are beginning to climb. April ois made fo sterner stuff, she goes and works about 4 more than me and even goes out side and works in the round pen and the outside arena. I’m, too much of a wimp to do that! But tomorrow, Weds, I will head out for a trail ride, and do a little hill work, nothing like walking and trotting up those hills to help condition the horses.

The grass is brown and crispy and slippery, and the ground is hard so we can’t go too fast, but with out hills we can do quite a few trot sets up the slopes.

It’s so good for our young horses to get out and trail ride, it teaches them to balance and to be agile and on their feet.  So despite the horrible heat we are having a pretty good summer.

Hope you all are having a good time and are handling this heat.



Posted: July 6, 2010
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth