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On making progress, the value of a really good clinician!

It can be really exciting and fun when a young horse understands what you want and boy can it speed up the progress.

Miss Arwen started out with not the worlds best canter (to put it mildly), she basically flung herself around on the lunge and riding it was an exercise for the truly brave! As March once put it, “That canter, Oh Boy!”

But we persevered, working her in canter on the lunge and eventually under saddle. lots of work at bending and staying balanced, well trying to stay balanced that is.  She’s a BIG girl which does not help, all that body mass to move around!  Then  about 2 weeks ago I got the first semblance of a response to a half halt. things started to look up, the canter to the left got almost acceptable, the right was still pretty scary!

During the Matt clinic we had a slot come open due to a lame horse, so April jumped at the chance and filled in the slot and rode Arwen.

And Matt worked his usual magic, he showed April how to really establish those half-halts and wow what a difference. I got back on her on the Monday and I had brakes, I had balance, we could canter! The left is still better than the right, but both canters are so much better and I can balance up on the straightaways and do circles now!  Progress is being made in leaps and bounds.

I am so excited, riding Arwen has taken a whole big step upwards.  We plan to take her to the Starter Horse Trials, at the VHC to do two Training level tests. April will be riding her. This will be her first competitive outing.  So if you are in the vicinity of the VHC, Lexington VA on Aug 29th come on out and see us.

In the mean time I am really enjoying riding her. She gets more and more like her mother!


Posted: August 13, 2010
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth