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It really feels like Spring around here!

It’s only Mid Feb, but it’s 60 degrees, and sunny. The grass is greening up, I can see teeny tiny buds on the trees. The horses are all shedding, It really feels like Spring!  Lets hope we don’t get a last blast of Winter!

To add to the Spring like feeling, Rosie (in foal to Ecuador Skrødstrup) is up at the barn on foal watch, she is due the beginning of March.  She’s as big as a house! And she’s not too happy about being awat from the other broodmares! But it will all be worth it when the foal comes!

Peony and Paula are not due until April, but they are plenty big as well.

Casey is building our stocks ready for the mares to be prepped for the up coming breeding season. We have 3 nice warmblood mares to breed to Halifax this year.

The first group of youngsters have started being ground worked ready for under saddle work.

Rohan is being the star, she is so willing and easy going, she is already on the longlines and out of the round pen! It won’t be long before she and Mikey are riding around.  It’s those Knabstrupper genes that do it!

Lola is also coming along nicely, less laid back than Rohan (no Knabstrupper genes) she takes longer to get used to things being different!  But she is coming along nicely, it’s just hard to be best when you have to compete with Rohan!

Ricky is the slowest, she is NOT impressed with all of this and expresses her self quite vehemently! So it’ll a while for her.  But she is a lovely mover and very athletic, as we get to see on a regular basis!

The warm sunny days lend themselves to lots of trail riding, but Arwen, Sugar, Xavoy, Halifax and Xafaire are all in full training for the next show season.  We have so many nice ones, I feel very spoilt to have so many!  It’s gonna be hard choosing who goes to which show!

Pictures will be taken next week and will be up soon.



Posted: February 20, 2011
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth