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Silinde has been sold!

Congratulations to Kathy Coviello on her purchase today of Ccs Silinde! We send her off with all the best wishes and happy riding in the future!

Posted: December 28, 2013
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth

Another successful Jim Kofford Clinic!

Jim left Cedar Creek today, leaving his dribbles of wisdom as well as students saying “I have lots of homework until he returns from Florida!” We all wish Jim the best of luck during the show season in Wellington these next few months! With that said, Melyni and her horse Xavoy worked mostly on the piaffe and passage, showing the potential for Grand Prix soon! Melynis other horses, Tinuvel, Halifax, and Peony all worked quite well. Tinuvel working her magic on the tempi changes as well as passage! Halifax showed his strong points with his canter pirouettes and Peony nailed her flying changes and half passes, both trot and canter, proving the broodmare is capable of work after bearing foals! Sophia and Frej are cleaning up there walk canter, canter walk transitions, and Sara Kern and Lyam are working towards second level by perfecting the counter canter as Lyam the over achiever is quite capable of the flying change! Last but not least Jim rode his stallion Dux this clinic and worked lots on improving his canter preparing for the better flying change! Great clinic and Cedar Creek will await Jims return in the spring!

Posted: December 23, 2013
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth

Jim Kofford Returns Again!

Jim will be teaching at Cedar Creek again on December 22 and 23 2014. Slots are still available so please contact for more information!

Posted: December 19, 2013
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth