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Fix-A-Test at CCS with Janine Malone

The Fix-a-test done under the auspices of VADA-CH and ShenVADA will be at CCS on June 2nd.  All are welcome to audit.

Rides start at 9:00am and go on until 3:30 pm.


TO ride in this test you had to have been a volunteer at the Rosinburg events show at Lexington on May 19/20th.. The next chance to volunteer and work to wards a faix a test with Janine is at the Rosinburg events show at Culpeper June 16/17th.

For more details go to

Posted: May 31, 2012
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Come and learn from one of the best. Peter Atkins XC/Jumping clinic, May 19/20th

Peter Atkins Cross Country/Jumping Clinic

May 19th & 20th, 2012

Please join us in this exciting 2 day cross country clinic with Peter Atkins and help support him on the road to the Olympics!

$250 for both days (day 1: gymnastics as they relate to XC. Day 2: XC)  $175 for one day     Groups are small and space is limited so contact us today!

Stabling available on grounds. $25/night      Sunrise Stables      62 Freshwater lane,  Lexington, VA

540 460-2141 0r

Don’t miss this chance to improve your skill and confidence. Peter is a fantastic teacher from the land of “OZ” and holds the secrets of those wildly successful down-under riders.  Peter is excellent with problem horses. He has a very kind approach and a soft touch.  He elevates confidence in even the most timid rider and has horses believing that they can do anything.  He has been very well received at clinics all over the world.



Peter was born in Launceston, Tasmania in June of 1965.  From the moment he was conceived he was on the back of a horse, racing, fox hunting and eventing.  He was destine to be a rider.  His Father was the Master of Fox hounds for over 30 yrs and his Mother, who is 70 and is still eventing and Fox Hunting was an amateur jockey, Grand Prix showjumper and was long listed on the Australia eventing team for the LA Olympics in 1984.  

Peter began competing his pony, “Tony Pony” at the age of 6.  He then moved onto his lg pony “Lollipop” who won the 6 bar competition at 6 foot.  Throughout his childhood he was active in pony club, showjumping, fox hunting and eventing.  At age 16 he left Tasmainia and joined the Australian Army where he was an avionics technician for 12 yrs.  When he wasn’t fixing helicopters he was riding and competing for the Army in his Army uniform.  During his young rider years he represented his state 6 times at the young rider championships and  rode on the Australian team in the Interpacific three day.  Peter left the Army after 12 yrs and moved to Germany with his 3 horses to further his training with various dressage trainers.  Following his dream to ride on the Australian team, in 1996, before the summer Olympics, he flew his 3 horses to the U.S. to train.  He decided he liked it here and got married 7 years later. Peter now owns a farm in Ocala FL where he lives during the winter with his wife, Amy and son, Owen.  During the summers they move up to Woodstock, VT where they live and train on Amy’s family farm.


Peter has competed at the following CCI** and CCI*** events:

Rolex CCI****,  WEG ****,  FairHill CCI***, Camino Real CCI***,  Radnor CCI**,   Luhmuhlen CCI*** (Germany), Boekelo CCI*** (Holland), Gawler CCI*** (Australia), Melbourne CCI*** (Australia),  Naracourte CCIY** (Australia)  as well as winning the Intermediate Australian One-Day Event Championships.

He represented Australia at the World Equestrian Games in 2010 and was qualified for the 1994 World Championships and the 1996 Olympics.

In the Fall of 2000, Peter won the Stuart Horse Trials Open Intermediate, was 2nd at Hunter’s Run Open Intermediate, 5th at Millbrook Advanced, 3rd at Fair Hill HT Advanced, 2nd at Morven Park Advanced and completed the Fair Hill CCI***. All on the same horse which he trained from the start. Under Peter’s guidance the horse went from novice to advanced in 14 months.

In the winter of 2005 Peter imported a horse from Australia and had a very successful season with his new partner Figjam. In the summer of 2006 he won the Open Intermediate division at Sure Fire farm, the Advanced division at Millbrook and he also won the Area 2 Advanced Championships at Morven Park.

In 2007 he acquired his current partner, HJ Hampton who he trained from Novice to Advanced in a year and a half.  Together they have become famous for their amazing helmet cam rides cross-country. They have had many top placings at intermediate and advanced including Rolex, WEG and a recent 11th place finish at Fair Hill International CCI ***.

Currently Peter is spending the summer in the UK training for the 2012 summer Olympics.  He is planning to run Henry at the Luhmuhlen 4* in Germany, June 14-17th.

Peter has trained with David O’Connor (2000 Olympic Gold Medalist), Dr. Matthias Baumann (Seoul Olympic Gold Medalist {Team}) , Reiner Schmerglatt (German Jumper rider/trainer), Holga Finken (German Dressage rider/trainer) and Captain Mark Phillips (current U.S. Team coach).  He holds the NCAS-1 from the Equestrian Federation of Australia, equivalent to the BHSI (BritishHorse Society Instructor).


Posted: May 2, 2012
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth

Up coming events at CCS

We have quite a few things for you in 2012.

In march we plan to have another Matt McLaughlin clinic. contact Melyni

May 12th is a ShenVADA sschooling show- contact is Anita Scrugg;

June 2nd is a Shen-VADA/VADA-CH Fix-a-test with Janine Malone. Contact is Nancy Lowey,

June 3rd is the VADA-CH schooling Dressage show, Judge Helen George. Contact is Melyni Worth,


June 30th is the schooling Horse trials and Dressage show. contact Penny Ross for details or got to and look under Spring Fest.

Spet 15th- ShenVADA Social day at CCS, trail riding, X-C schooling, show jumping, and a picnic. Contact Melyni Worth

Hope to see you at some of these events.

Posted: February 14, 2012
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News,Event Calendar — By Melyni Worth


Matt McLaughlin returns to Cedar Creek for another clinic on Mar 16-18th.

Matt helps all levels of rider and horse.

Lessons $115.

Overnight and day stalls available.


For more info or to book lessons contact Melyni on


Auditors free, bring a chair.


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Great Dressage clinic with Jim Koford

So the great Jim K came to day to do a clinic for us.  April is away on vacation, so I got 3 lessons!  Phew, I don’t know how April does it, riding multiple times in a day with Jim.  I am still tired and I have even had a nap!

first lesson was Xavoy, he warmed up really well today, stretching long and low and really really round, it is getting so much easier to get him there and even to keep him there. Now we have to add power to that long and low so that his hind legs don’t drift out behind him. That’s harder, but I am beginning to get the feel of it.  It changes the way he moves entirely when he stretches over the back, and then bring his hind legs up and under. We are slowly getting used to that FEI frame we are now supposed to go in.  UP and round and forward, it is hard and takes a lot out of both of us. But boy does it make the canter work better he just floated around in the pirrouettes and the tempi changes were amazing, he only sent me out of the saddle a few times!  It is still hard to get him to stay round and up hill in the lengthenings, and we have had to go back a step and work on  those, doing more collected-medium-collected than extended.  I am still having trouble with the 4 te,pis. it is so hard to count to 4, while simultaneously keeping him up, round and forward!! Just sayin’.


Next lesson was Xafaire, and it is still a struggle to get him to really give over his back and release his neck. He’ll go round but he does not release. So forward and back, forward and back and all the time working to keep him round and trying to keep his hind legs coming up and under.  But he has made progress, it’s just that he is big and strong and a little indifferent, no worries about sensitivity here!   But as usual, Jim got us going and by the end he was softer and more through. His canter work was awesome, we did some good canter half passes and he did some really nice walk-canter;walk transitions.  Trot is always harder for him, he wants to drop his shoulders and brace against the hand, but lots  of leg yeild on a circle, plus the shorten lengthen and he finally lifted up his bak and came round. Boy does he have a nice trot when he does that.

My fional lesson was on Arwen, April being away I snuck in a lesson on her. She has so much power and lift, but she is sneaky, she can fell round and through but she isn’t really and it’s hard for me to fell it yet. but again Jim worked us until we got that forward roundness, and it d=felt so good at the end. But I was wiped out!


Hillery rode her yellow pony Ohle, Mikey had a good lesson on Levi, who still is not convinced that Mikey has any business asking him for stuff!   Sabine came and rode Midneight, and Kiki came and rode Bulgar. All in all a great clinic.


Posted: September 22, 2011
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Had a great fun day with Shen-VADA

The local dressage club, Shen-VADA hld a fun at CCS. We opened up the dressage arena, the show jump ring, the cross-country course and the trails for them.  11people with came to play bring with them 8 horses.

Most of them wanted to jump the cross-country fences, which they all did. I led a few out on a trail ride around the farm.    We then went to the jump ring and they tried show jumping. Finally a few of them went to the dressage arena and did that. It did seem to me that the dressage was vastly improved for having gone cross-country and show jumped. This might be a thought for event organisers!

After riding horses were put away and we all repaired to the Ride with Pride class room for a picnic. Yes I know it should have been out doors, but rain had threatened all day, though it never actually rained. So we decided that dicrestion was the better part of valor and ate indoors.

People all brought a dish, and we had plenty to eat.

Ride with Pride was having an Exceptionally Cheap Tack Sale as well so people were able to pick out all kinds of bargains for themselves.

Thanks for coming guys.

We had a great fun time!




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It’s been long time since I blogged sorry folks!

However I have some good news for you.

Firstly Shen VADA will be having a fun day at Cedar Creek on Sat 17th Sept.    Lots of fun for all.

Then Ride with Pride will be having a used tack sale on Sat 24th at CCS, it’s a great way to get some gently used stuff for your barn and help RWP.  They have winter blankets, saddles and all kinds of other equipment. Come on out and join in.


We had a GREAT clinic to day with Jim Koford. It was a short one, but all the horses went so well and the lessons were just fantastic.

Xavoy and I did all kinds of stuff but finished up working on passage and piaffe and X was such a good boy!  It never ceases to amaze me how much strength it takes for the horses to do this kind of work. and how by patient repetition you develop that strength. X has gotten so much stringer and better balanced than he was this Spring.

Xafaire has learned somewhere over the summer to half halt and stay round and he was a blast doing his lateral work and even some pretty decent half passes in trot and canter.  Halifax is back with a vengance,  he and April were looking great. Jim worked his usual magic on all of us, including Hillery and Sabine!


we plan to have Jim back next week. Let me know if you want to ride, we don’t know the day yet, but if you email me I can let you know as soon as I know.


The babies are looking great, weaning has begun so far it has been very peaceful. The grass is growing like crazy, it has been a very good summer so far.

Don’t forget out Horse trials and show in Nov. Hope to see you all some time.



Posted: September 14, 2011
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Cedar Creek Horse Trails, Dressage and Combined Test.

OOPS had the date wrong folks! It’s July 2nd  that’s next Saturday. Come on out and have fun!



July 2nd, at CCS. Entry forms and waiver on the VA HTs website.

Come and join us for a day of fun. Excellent opportunity to get your young horse or rider out on a simple easy to jump X-C course, hills and dales. Ditches, small bank, water all in a safe environment.   Hope to see you all there.  MW

Posted: May 27, 2011
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Clinic with Patrick Tigchelaar. June 23rd.

Dressage Clinic with Patrick Tigchelaar. Thursday June 23rd. A few slots are open.
Lessons are $115 each.
Please contact Melyni at for more info.

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It really feels like Spring around here!

It’s only Mid Feb, but it’s 60 degrees, and sunny. The grass is greening up, I can see teeny tiny buds on the trees. The horses are all shedding, It really feels like Spring!  Lets hope we don’t get a last blast of Winter!

To add to the Spring like feeling, Rosie (in foal to Ecuador Skrødstrup) is up at the barn on foal watch, she is due the beginning of March.  She’s as big as a house! And she’s not too happy about being awat from the other broodmares! But it will all be worth it when the foal comes!

Peony and Paula are not due until April, but they are plenty big as well.

Casey is building our stocks ready for the mares to be prepped for the up coming breeding season. We have 3 nice warmblood mares to breed to Halifax this year.

The first group of youngsters have started being ground worked ready for under saddle work.

Rohan is being the star, she is so willing and easy going, she is already on the longlines and out of the round pen! It won’t be long before she and Mikey are riding around.  It’s those Knabstrupper genes that do it!

Lola is also coming along nicely, less laid back than Rohan (no Knabstrupper genes) she takes longer to get used to things being different!  But she is coming along nicely, it’s just hard to be best when you have to compete with Rohan!

Ricky is the slowest, she is NOT impressed with all of this and expresses her self quite vehemently! So it’ll a while for her.  But she is a lovely mover and very athletic, as we get to see on a regular basis!

The warm sunny days lend themselves to lots of trail riding, but Arwen, Sugar, Xavoy, Halifax and Xafaire are all in full training for the next show season.  We have so many nice ones, I feel very spoilt to have so many!  It’s gonna be hard choosing who goes to which show!

Pictures will be taken next week and will be up soon.



Posted: February 20, 2011
Filed under: Cedar Creek Stables News — By Melyni Worth
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